EPD Definition

Expected Progeny Difference (EPDs) is an estimate of an animal’s genetic merit for a particular trait. It takes into account the animals own performance compared with its contemporaries and the performance of its relatives compared against their contemporaries.

Birth Weight (BW) EPD - predicts calf size and calving ease.
Weaning Weight (WW) EPD - predicts pre-weaning growth potential.
Yearling Weight (YW) EPD - predicts overall growth potential.
Milk EPD – predicts the maternal contribution to weaning weight of the calf through milk production, behavior immunity and other maternal environmental factors.
Total Maternal (TM) EPD – predicts weaning weight of calves from a bull’s daughter.
Scrotal Circumference (SC) EPD – predicts not only testicular size of male progeny but also daughters onset of puberty.

Ribeye Area (REA) EPD – predicts total muscle
Intramuscular Fat (IMF) EPD – predicts % of intramuscular fat which is highly correlated to marbling.
Rib Fat Thickness (FT) EPD – predicts external fat thickness

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