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EPD Definitions

EXPECTED PROGENY DIFFERENCE (EPDS) is an estimate of an animal’s genetic merit for a particular trait. It takes into account the animals own performance compared with its contemporaries and the performance of its relatives compared against their contemporaries.

  • Birth Weight (BW) EPD - predicts calf size and calving ease.
  • Weaning Weight (WW) EPD - predicts pre-weaning growth potential.
  • Yearling Weight (YW) EPD - predicts overall growth potential.
  • Milk EPD – predicts the maternal contribution to weaning weight of the calf through milk production, behavior immunity and other maternal environmental factors.
  • Total Maternal (TM) EPD – predicts weaning weight of calves from a bull’s daughter.
  • Scrotal Circumference (SC) EPD – predicts not only testicular size of male progeny but also daughters onset of puberty.


  • Ribeye Area (REA) EPD – predicts total muscle
  • Intramuscular Fat (IMF) EPD – predicts % of intramuscular fat which is highly correlated to marbling.
  • Rib Fat Thickness (FT) EPD – predicts external fat thickness

Animal Transfer

To transfer an animal to its new owner after sale:

  1. Log into IBBA at brangus.goregstr.com/login
  2. Under Herd Management (left side of screen) select animals (will list all your registered animals)
  3. Select animal to be transferred by checking the box under X-fer
  4. Select certificate mailed to either buyer or seller
  5. Enter the new owner IBBA number (if not known call the IBBA and with the buyer name they will provide an IBBA number)
  6. Enter amount of animal to be transferred 12 = 100% and 6 = 50%
  7. Enter effective date of transfer
  8. Enter breeding information, if bred or calf at side
  9. Submit

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